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Party Express Bus

The Genesis of Party Express Bus

Friday, September 27 2013 12:55 PM
By Dallas Broz

In 2004, Dallas Broz was on a party bus, when suddenly he saw his future! The bus he was on had no A/C and he wasn’t crazy about the color of it. It was an old school bus, so all the tall people were bumping their heads. Broz wanted to create a “nightclub on wheels.” He wanted to take the party bus concept and take it upscale. He wanted to add reliable A/C, heating for the winter months, and plenty of headroom for dancing or standing. He created the successful company Party Express Bus. He expanded not only in Wichita, but five other cities as well: Omaha, Kansas City, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Springfield. He is currently working on bringing buses to the Dallas market as well. Dallas feels the amount of money he makes is not important; the most important factor is being successful and keeping clients happy. Today, he buys only Gillig buses, the same line used by the city of Wichita’s transportation system. Dallas installs the side-facing seats, party lights and roaring stereo systems himself. Dallas’ sleek black buses are appropriate for any occasion. His top markets are corporate functions, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties and groups wanting to bar-hop. The buses are designed to be party places themselves. Passengers 21 and older can bring their own liquor along, an incentive in these days of stepped-up DUI enforcement. Unlike other bus companies, Party Express Bus strictly enforces the law when it comes to the legal drinking age. Dallas believes that “in order to build success, a company must cater to it’s clients and hear their voice, enforce all safety requirements, ensure superior quality and, at the same time, enjoy your profession like I do.”

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Rave Reviews

"Thank you Dallas and Party Express Bus! We had a blast and our driver was fantastic, never once growled at our classy behavior. ;) Our Bride had the time of her life! Thank you! We will be seeing you again!"

- Samantha K., Wichita